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REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals)
The European Union's (EU) new, wide-ranging overhaul of its chemical control legislation known as REACH took effect on June 1, 2007. It will be implemented over the next 11 years and is designed to:

Provide a high level of protection to human health and the environment. Improve the competitiveness of the European chemical industry and encourage innovation.

Under REACH, all chemicals imported into or made in the EU in quantities of greater than one ton per year must undergo a process of registration, evaluation and authorization for use. Some chemicals, those of low hazard or that are regulated by other legislation, are exempted from REACH.
Pacific Oleo's Position
Pacific Oleo is committed to and fully supports the goals of REACH and has established a team to coordinate our efforts. To comply with the REACH regulation which came into effect on June 1, 2007, Pacific Oleo has taken the necessary and appropriate steps with respect to the required registration of substances. Pacific Oleo has pre-registered all the substances that Pacific Oleo manufactures for sale within the European Union as a first step.

A complete overview of the pre-registered substances in our products range is given below:
Product Name Substance Name Status
Kortacid 0698 Hexanoic Acid Pre-registered
Kortacid 0899 Octanoic Acid Pre-registered
Kortacid 1299 Lauric Acid Pre-registered

Kortacid 1898, 1655, 1838,

PH10, PH05, PT10.

Stearic Acid Pre-registered
Pacific Oleo is in the progress on the registration of these substances. If you have any questions on our implementation of REACH please do not hesitate to contact Pacific Oleo at poc@pacificoleo.com.