All our products are based on natural renewable vegetables raw materials such as the Tropical oils of palm, palm kernel and palm stearine. Rather than just selling standard products, we are committed to developing partnerships with our customers.

With our dedicated organization and flexible manufacturing capabilities we are able to offer tailor-made products and services to our customers that meet specific needs. We want to be recognized as The Responsive Partner in Oleochemicals-wherever you are. You can contact us through our website at
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Oleic Acid
  KORTACID 1811   Oleic   Oleic acid appeared to be clear colorless to pale yellow liquid. It is used as sodium salt in soap manufacturing, excipient in pharmaceutical. It acts as emulsifier and solubilizer in aerosol products.   Bulk,

drums 180 kgs.
  KORTACID 1812   Oleic

Fractionated Fatty Acids
  KORTACID 0899   Caprylic   Fractionated fatty acids appeared to be white crystalline solid. It is used as raw material in the production of emulsifiers, anionic & nonionic surfactants, ester, lubricants, peroxides, rubber stabilizers, cosmetics, flavors and fragrances, detergents and alkyd resins.   Bulk,

drums 180 kgs,

bulk bags and

bags 25 kgs.
  KORTACID 0810   Caprylic/Capric
  KORTACID 1099   Capric
  KORTACID 1214/1270   Lauric/Myristic
  KORTACID 1299   Lauric
  KORTACID 1499   Myristic
  KORTACID 1698   Palmitic
  KORTACID 1699   Palmitic
  KORTACID 1890   Stearic
  KORTACID 1895   Stearic
  KORTACID 1898   Stearic
  KORTACID 1838   Palm   Stearic acid appeared to be in waxy, white crystalline solid. It has various applications in the areas of cosmetics and toiletries production, rubber and plastics industry, drug and pharmaceuticals manufacturing.   Bulk,

bags 25 kgs.
  KORTACID PH 10   Palm
  KORTACID PH 10C   Palm
  KORTACID 1655   Palm
  KORTACID PH 05   Palm
  KORTACID PH 05C   Palm
  KORTACID PT 10   Palm
  KORTACID PH 80   Palm
  KORTACID 1870   Palm
Distilled Fatty Acids
  KORTACID C 70   Distilled Coconut   Distilled Fatty acids appeared to be clear liquid. It is used as raw material in cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing such as soaps manufacturing, detergents production Other application including manufacturing of nitrogen derivatives, and alkyd.   Bulk,

drums 180 kgs.
  KORTACID C 70H   Hydrogenated Coconut
  KORTACID CG   Stripped Coconut
  KORTACID PK 50   Stripped Palm Kernel
  KORTACID PKG   Stripped Palm Kernel
  KORTACID PKGH   Stripped Hydgenated
Palm Kernel
  KORTACID PS 15   Distilled Palm Stearine
  KORTACID PZ 05   Distilled Palm
Fat Blend Fatty Acids
  KORTACID 0442   Palm/Palm Kernel   Fat Blend Fatty Acids appeared to be white to yellowish solid. It is used in manufacturing of soaps.   Bulk
  KORTACID 0262   Palm/Palm Kernel
  KORTACID 9010   Palm/Palm Kernel
  KORTACID 8020   Palm/Palm Kernel
  KORTACID 6040   Palm/Palm Kernel
Refined Glycerine
  99.5% USP Grade   -   Glycerine appeared as clear, transparent, colourless, hygroscopic viscous liquid. It is used as humectants, sweetener, preserver in foods & drinks. It is one of the most widely used ingredients in drugs and pharmaceuticals as well. Other common uses of glycerine includes alkyd resins production, rubber additives, antifreezer.   Bulk,

drums 250kgs.
  99.7% USP Grade   -
  99.5% BP Grade   -
  99.7% BP Grade   -